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CuePilot was created by internationally acclaimed director Per Zachariassen, as a response to the need for precision and consistency in live broadcasts, whilst reducing expensive rehearsal time. CuePilot allows you to produce live shows as tight and up-beat as if they were music videos.

CuePilot operates globally. Marcelo Gama is an experienced Emmy – Winning director, along with our team at Thinking Lion Corp. can provide expertise, support, and hardware if you are in the Americas. 


CuePilot - A tool for creativity.

Perfect a performance with consistency between rehearsals and the live show, so that the entire team of singers, dancers and.    camera operators can all hit their marks, live

CuePilot is a collaborative tool for creating high-end broadcast shows. It enables consistency and reliability, vital in live productions. It is used during pre-production to plan all elements of an act, as well as during the live show, when the CuePilot application together with Studio Server hardware execute the plan.

Work in the CuePilot application is done in projects, consisting of rundowns that contain acts. Each act contains a timeline where you can plot all of your cues.

CuePilot 6.2 for Mac and Windows adds innovative features like PTZ Presets and OSC Schemas. CuePilot can now control and cue more systems than ever, from vision switchers to media servers, special effects to the camera department.

When you go live, CuePilot plays through the act’s cues, controlling the vision switcher for executing cuts, playing to CueApp for the entire production to be cued, and controlling other systems and devices through OSC, GPI and MIDI.

Studio Servers- The art of execution

Execute your production’s full potential using a CuePilot Studio Server.

A Studio Server is the combination of CuePilot software and hardware and expands connectivity with specialised hardware connections. This enables you to connect the CuePilot application to production equipment to be cued and controlled.

The Studio Server runs the CuePilot application as a user with access to a project. It is configured to have CuePilot’s system features enabled and functions as a server for other devices and systems to connect to.

S6 Studio Server

Our most advanced Studio Server, rack mounted.

The S6 Studio Server is CuePilot’s most powerful yet. Rack mounted for stability and security, yet right at your fingertips in a production gallery, the new Studio Server is built with aviation grade componentry for reliability in the most rugged production environments.

With a built-in video recorder, the S6 Studio Server will automatically record, encode and add to your timeline video of each performance, every time you go live, saving precious time during production.

Nexus Studio Server

Our all-in-one, Studio Server.

The Nexus studio server is an all-in-one unit to be operated in the production gallery. Using the 20-inch touch screen monitor, the director or the assistant director has maximum control over the production.

The user interface is similar to the desktop application, but with additional features to manage timecode, control the vision switcher, and operate the built-in GPI triggers.

BOB Unit

BYO laptop + BOB unit = CuePilot’s entry level Studio Server.

BOB, short for ‘Break Out Box’, is CuePilot’s entry level hardware device. The functionality of CuePilot at an affordable price. CuePilot’s Studio Server features run over the network from your own laptop, with the BOB unit connecting to the vision switcher, LTC and GPIs.

Contact us for pricing and details.

The user interface is similar to the desktop application, but with additional features to manage timecode, control the vision switcher, and operate the built-in GPI triggers.