Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Seville – 11/17/2023.- Seville witnessed a historic event with the celebration of the 24th edition of the Latin Grammy Awards, a hispanic cultural event that illuminated the city and brought Spanish music back to its origins. In this majestic spectacle, superstars such as Juanes, Andrea Bocelli, Shakira, Rosalia, POTY Laura Pausini, and also joined by younger generation performers BZRP, Peso Pluma, Feid and many more, delivered their best. All under the masterful direction of Marcelo Gama and his talented team at Thinking Lion.

For many months Gama has immersed himself in preparation for this event. In collaboration with an exceptional production team from Univision, led by Omar Fajer, and working hand in hand with Tony Parodi of Acme Production Services, the creative team from House of Sam, amongst many talented professionals, they successfully brought to life the first international Latin Grammy Awards.

The night of Thursday, November 16th 2023, will be forever etched in Seville’s memory, as a magical evening where music and art seamlessly merged to celebrate an unforgettable cultural milestone.

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