Seville, Spain Shines Bright in the Glorious Night of the 24th Latin Grammy Awards

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Seville – 11/17/2023.- Seville witnessed a historic event with the celebration of the 24th edition of the Latin Grammy Awards, a hispanic cultural event that illuminated the city and brought Spanish music back to its origins. In this majestic spectacle, superstars such as Juanes, Andrea Bocelli, Shakira, Rosalia, POTY Laura Pausini, and also joined by younger generation performers BZRP, Peso Pluma, Feid and many more, delivered their best. All under the masterful direction of Marcelo Gama and his talented team at Thinking Lion.

For many months Gama has immersed himself in preparation for this event. In collaboration with an exceptional production team from Univision, led by Omar Fajer, and working hand in hand with Tony Parodi of Acme Production Services, the creative team from House of Sam, amongst many talented professionals, they successfully brought to life the first international Latin Grammy Awards.

The night of Thursday, November 16th 2023, will be forever etched in Seville’s memory, as a magical evening where music and art seamlessly merged to celebrate an unforgettable cultural milestone.

Debut of Premios Rolling Stone en español celebrates Latin creativity in Miami

Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone en Español

Miami – 10/28/2023.- On October 26, 2023, the inaugural edition of the Rolling Stone Awards in Spanish took place, marking a celebration dedicated to talented Latin artists. This groundbreaking event, held in Miami, stood out for its distinctive approach, aiming to acknowledge the quality, innovation, and cultural impact of Spanish-language creations.

Under the guidance and production led by Marcelo Gama, alongside the executive producer Tony Parody, and supported by their teams at Thinking Lion and ACME, this first installment of the awards shone a spotlight on its emphasis on creative diversity and artistic excellence. This recognition transcended conventional metrics, offering a well-deserved tribute to the cultural and creative richness within the Latin community in the entertainment world.

Brazil: ‘Criança Esperança’ Sets New Standards in Fundraising and Audience Engagement

Photo courtesy of Globo/Léo Rosario

Brazil – 08/08/2023.- In a spectacular display of unity and innovation, Brazil’s “Criança Esperança” live show has etched its name in history by breaking fundraising and audience records.

With the brilliant utilization of Thinking Lion’s groundbreaking CuePilot technology, the broadcast achieved an unprecedented level of coherence and reliability, elevating the entire production.

Under the direction of Marcelo Amiky, the event graced the screens of TV Globo, leaving an enduring imprint on the Latin American live entertainment landscape. This showcase of the harmonious fusion of technology and creativity reaffirms the power of collaborative endeavors.

Puerto Rico Vibrated with Premios Juventud 2023

Photo courtesy of Univision

San Juan, PR 07/21/2023.- Premios Juventud 2023, skillfully directed by Marcelo Gama from Thinking Lion, created an unforgettable celebration of music, culture, and youth. The event was a spectacle of captivating screens and lights that left the audience in awe.

Talented executives Uji Fulgueira and Ulises Chang led as executive producers, while House of Sam infused their creative touch, making this edition truly extraordinary. ACME ensured flawless production execution, ensuring everything ran seamlessly.

Lighting directors Tom Kenny and Ronnie Skopac, crafted a magical atmosphere, heightening the excitement within the hearts of the audience, embraced warmly by Puerto Rico’s spirit. With Univision’s steadfast support and Cuepilot’s technical expertise, the broadcast reached every corner of the globe flawlessly.

The night’s biggest winner was Shakira, and the stage sparkled with extraordinary performances by Danna Paola, Angela Aguilar, Camila, CNCO, Tiago PZK, Farruko, and many more, each leaving an indelible mark on the event.

Premios Juventud 2023 transcended being a mere awards ceremony; it transformed into a jubilant celebration in every sense of the word.

Thinking Lion’s Role in the Biggest Summer Event

New York, NY  07/08/2023.- Combining technology and a passion for creating extraordinary experiences, Thinking Lion’s CEO, Marcelo Gama, took the helm in directing the iconic 4th of July event in New York and Nashville. As the largest summer celebration in America, this spectacular show, produced by Jesse Collins Entertainment, NBC, and Macy’s, enthralled thousands of attendees for over two hours.

With live musical performances, a magnificent orchestra, and a breathtaking display of over 60,000 fireworks lighting up the Manhattan sky from 5 barges, the event was truly unforgettable.

Being part of this incredible occasion fills us with pride, and it reinforces our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional events and crafting magical moments that leave a lasting impression.

CuePilot revolutionizes live streaming experience at Google I/O 2023

Photo courtesy of Justin Sullivan/GETTY IMAGES

Mountain View, CA 05/12/2023.- In a spectacular display of innovation, Google’s annual grand presentation at Google I/O left audiences in awe as groundbreaking advancements in both software and hardware were unveiled.

Spearheaded by the renowned production company Done and Dusted, the event was flawlessly executed with an added touch of precision from CuePilot, the leading provider of multi-camera control and live streaming solutions.

Thinking Lion, the company behind CuePilot, played an integral role in ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience.

As industry leaders, CuePilot continues to set new standards in live production and broadcasting, catering to a wide range of events, including corporate gatherings of this magnitude.

Jaws dropped at the 2023 Latin America Music Awards

Photo courtesy of Billboards Mindy Small/GI

Las Vegas, NV 04/22/2023.- The 2023 Latin America Music Awards, a prominent ceremony in the Latin Music Industry, took place on April 21st, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Broadcasted for the first time by Univision, its eighth edition reached a much wider audience in both the US and Latin America.
Attendees and viewers were left with their jaws dropped as the night carried on with a spectacle of a perfectly synchronization of lights, visual effects, and top notch performances.

CuePilot was the director’s best pal on this show. Like Univision, it was the first year that Marcelo Gama directed the show. His valuable contribution and professionalism, together with the magic of CuePilot took the show to the next level. It was all impeccable.

The performers never ceased to amaze the audience from the very beginning as Pitbull opened the show. David Bisbal, Olga Tañón, Becky G, Natti Natassha, Wisin, Anuel, were just some of the names performing on stage and receiving a standing ovation from the audience.

The Latin AMA Legacy award was presented to Carlos Vives for his splendid career and the show reached an emotional moment as Mexican singer Pepe Aguilar was presented with an award by his very own, his daughter Angela. Pepe then took the mic to thank his fans, followed by a masterful performance with Rubén Blades.

The LatinAMAS 2023 was, indeed, an unforgettable night in Latin music. Our team of Thinking Lions is proud to have contributed to the making of a show of this magnitude that carries the the power of Latin Music in the international music scenario.

CuePilot, the solution for high-end broadcast shows

Miami, FL. 03/20/23 – Constantly seeking to innovate, the attention of our CEO, Marcelo Gama, was captured by the extreme precision of camera work and how perfectly in sync Eurovision’s shows on screen. No mark was ever missed. Director Gama’s curiosity was aroused. He conducted a meticulous research which led him to the discovery of CuePilot: a cloud-based application that allows several users to work on the same project at the same time, either online or offline.

Since then, Thinking Lion has been an exclusive partner of CuePilot, in the US and Latin America.

This cloud-based application plays a major role on each and every one of our live productions. And because we want every director to have access and master this tool, we not only rent out hardware, but we also provide users with the best possible tech support, and if needed, one of talents is happy to commute to your event site, to assist with cabling, network bandwidth, and we even rent our iPads for your production.

CuePilot delivers such accurate live results that you may actually think it was pre-edited. CuePilot is currently the most innovative and intelligent system for productions, taking any show to a different level.

Get ready for the 8th edition of Latin American Music Awards, coming in April!

Miami, FL. 03/28/23 – We are approaching the 2023’s Latin American Music Awards, and Thinking Lion could not be more thrilled with this year’s big announcements! We are proud the share that the 8th edition of the show will, for the first time, count with the direction of International Emmy Award Winner, multi-camera director, and Thinking Lion’s CEO, Director Marcelo Gama. 

LatinAMAs, is set to air on April 20th, straight from from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. This will be the show’s debut on Univision. So, be sure to tune in to the network as producers, creative professionals and artists come together in honor of Latin Music.

The most popular late night show in Latin TV, directed by Marcelo Gama

Miami, FL. 03/24/23 – Featuring a mix of interviews, comedy sketches and the latest entertainment news, “De noche pero sin sueño” is a very popular late-night talk show amongst the Latin community. The show’s second season premiered last Sunday, and this time it was directed by our CEO, Marcelo Gama, who contributed to the show’s perfect sync of creativity and professionalism.

Tune in Univision on Sundays at 10pm ET.