Miami, FL. 03/20/23 – Constantly seeking to innovate, the attention of our CEO, Marcelo Gama, was captured by the extreme precision of camera work and how perfectly in sync Eurovision’s shows on screen. No mark was ever missed. Director Gama’s curiosity was aroused. He conducted a meticulous research which led him to the discovery of CuePilot: a cloud-based application that allows several users to work on the same project at the same time, either online or offline.

Since then, Thinking Lion has been an exclusive partner of CuePilot, in the US and Latin America.

This cloud-based application plays a major role on each and every one of our live productions. And because we want every director to have access and master this tool, we not only rent out hardware, but we also provide users with the best possible tech support, and if needed, one of talents is happy to commute to your event site, to assist with cabling, network bandwidth, and we even rent our iPads for your production.

CuePilot delivers such accurate live results that you may actually think it was pre-edited. CuePilot is currently the most innovative and intelligent system for productions, taking any show to a different level.

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